Big news! (This) Cookie Dough Records website was featured on a show called "Click" on the BBC news 24! You can watch the video segment here: BBC video. (It's at the very end.) The same story is written here: BBC article. A HUGE thank you to Joe Williams who was the first to inform me of this and to send me the links!

On Friday I released an old "peoplemation" that André (aka "gel") and I made a while back. Watch it on Newgrounds.com. It's short and sort of pointless but I figured since everyone seemed to enjoy the coin animation so much (which was also short and pointless) they might like this. Unfortunately it's not getting as great of reviews, but that's ok. Next Friday I will be releasing a full-length "peoplemation" that we actually made BEFORE Spin, and I've given it an all new musical score! So be sure to check back next week!