New video! I'm so sick of those "Cash 4 Gold" commercials that play in every single commercial break at night. So sick of them that I had to do a parody.

Watch "Send UR Gold" HERE! (or HERE for YouTube)


Ok, I added the press page. Neato.


I redesigned the front page a bit and now all of the icons are along the top. Obviously. The idea is to leave those along the top of every page for easy navigation! But I'll do that some other time. And I decided to add a press page with links to all the articles that have been coming out. But I'll get to that later too. Heck I still haven't added any literal videos to the movies section!


I did an interview with the Boston Globe, you can see it in today's edition or online HERE!

"Take On Me: Literal" is currently the #1 top rated video of all time on YouTube! That's absolutely nuts!

The all new store is up with "Pipe Wrench Fight" apparel!


I was featured in the first edition of Disco Underworld, check it out! And be sure to vote for me (if you feel so inclined! Just do it.)

Also here are some more links for Under the Bridge Literal:
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