To follow up the success of my Homemade Man Of Steel trailer I have just released my Homemade Star Trek Into Darkness trailer! Still shot entirely on my iPhone!

And here is the Side-By-Side Comparison so you can see how OCD I am when it comes to every last detail!


My Homemade Man Of Steel Trailer is really taking off this weekend! Over 20k views so far and I just got posted on some very popular blogs, hurray!



New video! I recreated the "Man Of Steel" trailer shot-for-shot using only my iPhone! WATCH IT!


My episode of "Viral Video Showdown" aired and here is my completed video from the competition! "Hide And Seek"


Update on my "Viral Video Showdown" episode on Syfy: apparently the network is killing off the remaining episodes by airing them all in a block next Tuesday, Dec 4 starting at 2:30am.

So much for this being my big break and getting my channel a lot of exposure! :/

The schedule is as follows, mine is the second one "When Child’s Play Goes Awry":

2:30AM - Such a Cliché
3:00AM - When Child’s Play Goes Awry
3:30AM - Create a Superhero
4:00AM - How-To Video: The Musical
4:30AM - The Craziest Dream

Be sure to check your local listing though because on my AT&T U-Verse this  block actually starts at 11:30.


I re-released some of my "sweded" movie clips on my new channel in preparation from some new ones coming soon!

Jurassic Park
Honey I Shrunk The Kids
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

These were originally from my series "My Movie Show"


New video up! "Blind Justice" This one is a bit of a departure from my normal tone, it's a bit more gritty and violent but I had fun diving into new territory. This video was originally commissioned to promote the Original SWAT Chase boots but I still gave it my DIY flair, even putting together all the costumes myself and pushing myself with visual effects I've never before attempted.