Finally got to do another episode of "My Movie Show"! The show where I not only review movies but I recreate all of the clips myself!

Watch episode 2 here! Featuring Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and the new Mission Impossible!

These are particularly fun to make, I hope I can make more very soon!


Awesome! My latest video "Death of a Ghostbuster" already has over 37 thousand views in one week between YouTube and Funny or Die! It was even featured on the front page of Funny or Die!

The video features my home-made "proton pack" and full Ghostbusters outfit that I made a few Halloweens ago! See the making of it!


New video just in time for Halloween! "Death of a Ghostbuster"!


After many months of hard work they are finally complete! Watch our animated Cliffsnotes here! We started with some of Shakespeare's classic.

Available now is "Romeo And Juliet", "Macbeth", and "Hamlet"

3 more will be coming soon!


For several months I have been working on an animated series for Cliffsnotes.

Watch the trailer here!

Six episodes of Shakespeare's classics! Coming very soon!


New video! "Wind Power Daredevil" is a video I created for a wind turbine company that wanted to do something fun and non-corporate for their company!

Featuring music by my friends The National Rifle!


I haven't updated the news for a while because I've been busy with a handful of upcoming projects, but mainly an animated series for Cliffsnotes. I'll be posting links and more info soon, but it's a pretty huge project so I've been cramming on that for several months.

There's another fun video in the works as well, should be up soon!


For our anniversary today I whipped up this barbershop-quartet style song and video, "Pretty Baby"!


I just found out that my name is actually in the liner notes of Weird Al's new album "Alpocalypse" along with the video I directed for the song Ringtone. I guess I thought the videos would be on a separate DVD or something. I grew up totally obsessed with Weird Al, this is a truly awesome achievement for me!


Quick video with frequent collaborator Jason Nash "Dogs and Golden Retrievers." This is what happens when Jason says "Hey meet me at the dog park with your camera!"


New computer time, hurray! My current computer hasn't been very happy with all of this HD video editing I've been doing, but hey it got me pretty far! Time to step it up to a more serious beast that can handle it all without sweating!

So get ready for some new videos! (Although maybe not right away, since I am working on another big animated project at the moment, more on that later)


Yipee, another new video! Check out the action packed showdown between good guy and bad guy in "Action Hero"


New vid, hurray! Check out next year's breakout TV hit "The Warlock Chronicles"!


Well the bad news is that the big animation I've been working on for a few months has abruptly been put on indefinite hold... the good news is that I'm going to crank out as many fun videos as I can right away while I have the time!


I had a few spare hours last night so I recorded a new Literal Video! I've been wanting to bust out my Billy Corgan impression for a while now, so here it is!

Today: Literal Video Version


I'm going to be working full time on a big animation project for the next few months, so I might be M.I.A. for a while, but I'm going to try to keep finishing up a couple simple video projects in whatever spare time I still have left (which is pretty much none.) But stay tuned anyway!


Here's my latest video "Blackswan Dodson"!

(In case you're confused, it's a mashup of Black Swan and Antoine Dodson)


New video up! "PleasantVISION Glasses" is my first project of 2011 and the first project with my new Canon 7D. I wanted to try something easy just to practice!

(The video is a spoof of this silly product)