Here is the second, full-length episode of SuperNews! It has one of my favorite segments featuring an army of emoticons! WATCH IT HERE! Another all-new half-hour this Friday!


If you didn't catch the all-new, half-hour SuperNews on Current TV you're in luck! The entire thing is available online! WATCH IT HERE! Tune in this Friday for another half-hour of all-new goodness!


The all-new, half-hour SuperNews premieres TODAY on Current TV! 10pm! Be sure to check it out, we've been working hard on it for many months! We poke fun at subjects in this first episode such as AIG, Twitter, Michael Phelps and MTV!

Check your local listings, you probably have Current but don't know it!


I did an interview for The Guardian, READ IT HERE!

"White Wedding: Literal" is now on YouTube.

I have finally joined Facebook. Do you want to be friends?


I posted 3 videos from an open-mic performance I did back in 2003. (I've started going through old tapes to find interesting stuff that might be worth showing)
-"Attached to You"
-"You Never Give Me Your Money"
-"The Tortilla Song"