An Australian magazine did a nice write-up about me! Read it here. (Anyone live in Australia and want to buy a copy for me?)


My literal videos and the knock-offs are on Time's "Top 10 of Everything '09" list! Read the article here!


Season 2 of my show SuperNews premieres tonight on Current TV! (check your listings)

8pm and again at 11pm (pacific time)

New half-hour episodes will be airing every Thursday through January, so catch them while they're hot! If you can't watch on TV you can watch full episodes online! current.com/supernews


I was featured on the music site "Eye See Sound" and this time not for literal videos, hurray!

Within the full episode they show "Play More" and "GPS" and you can watch that here.

Also on the site they have the individual pieces with video intros by me! Check them out here:

-"Play More"


Another interview, this time I did it hand-held! 13 minutes of me babbling about literal videos, SuperNews, and Hannah Montana. You know, the usual.



I forgot to post this... I did a little interview thingy on Current Exposed, talking about SuperNews and past jobs and such.

Watch it here!


I did an interview about the "literal videos" for an Australian web show. The best part is that the interviewer was able to contact me from 1997 where he got that neato background!

Watch it here (skip to 3:15)


Check out the sneak peak at the upcoming SuperNews season in our Halloween Special!

Featured on the Huffington Post!


I put together a behind-the-scenes video from "Meter".

Check it out here!


Another new video out! And this one has also been on my to-do list for over a year! Hurray for eventually getting projects done!

Watch "Meter" in HD here!

Elsewhere on the internet I am promoting this video as a "trailer for my upcoming movie". The truth is there is no movie, this is just a spoof action trailer for a fictional movie that has a stupid premise. I have a feeling no one will really find it amusing, or even get why it's supposed to be funny, but I'm ok with that. I made it purely for my own enjoyment!


New video out! This one has been on my to-do list for over a year, so it was nice to finally get it done. Watch "GPS" in HD here!


I did an interview for the new podcast "I Like Genius" and you can listen to the entire thing (it's quite long and I say "um" a lot) here!


GREAT NEWS!!! The first and original literal video "Take on Me" that was banned from youtube in Dec. '08 is BACK UP!!! CHECK IT OUT!

It went down with 2.3 million views, and since then rip-off versions of it have gotten nearly 2 million themselves.

The other "literal video" that was taken down at the same time is also back up, "Under the Bridge" is back too! Watch it here!


It's here!!! Weird Al's new music video that I directed for SuperNews! Watch the video in HD here!

It aired tonight on Current TV as part of a live-action special with Al that I am also in! Watch the full special here!


New "Literal Video"! Beck's "Loser"!

And ABC News/Nightline did a segment about the videos and even came to my house for an interview! Watch it here!


I added a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures to the Jason Dakota website. (It's funny that it's a "fake" website, though it is completely real and actually put together pretty well.)

Also I added a bunch of my videos to atom.com because they said they'd feature some. We'll see. Here they are.


So I can finally announce that I had the privilege to direct the music video for Weird Al's new single "Ringtone"! He has been a hero of mine since I was little and to get to work with him and do this video has been surreal!

The SuperNews-produced video will air next Friday along with our half-hour "Collabo-Jam" live-action special that we shot with Weird Al. Be sure to tune in at 7 and 10pm PST.

I just posted some behind-the-scenes photos from the live-action shoot on the SuperNews Blog.

And you can watch the first on-air promo here!


I directed episode 2 for the "Delicious Moments" video series (adapted from the hilarious weekly stage show at the Second City Studio theater in Hollywood)

Check out "Delicious Moments: Movie Night"

And be sure to check out the stage show every tuesday night at 10 at Second City in Hollywood!


It's finally complete! The live-action music video I've been shooting (and talking about) for several months!

Watch it in HD here!

It's also on Funny or Die!

I can't say enough how funny I think Jason is how grateful I am that he has been so willing to let me put him in these wacky videos which I make purely for the love of making them! And thanks to everyone who helped pull this thing off!


Haha, the Wall Street Journal calls me a "mastermind" and "the biggest thing to happen to music since karaoke." Read the article here!



Comic-Con was a blast! This year we totally went for the main events in Hall H and all of that waiting in the sun paid off. So many celebs and exclusive footage of new movies. I even got to see some of my personal film heroes such which was very inspiring.

I have some exciting things coming up, so stay tuned!


For the past few months I have been shooting a hilarious music video with Jason Nash and I'm happy to say it's complete! The only problem is it may be 4-6 weeks before I can release it because I'm putting the song up on iTunes. But I promise it will be worth the wait!


I spent the entire day Saturday shooting a video with Weird Al, that was a dream come true! I can't say exactly what it's for yet, but I was sort of co-directing and also acting in it. He's SUCH a great guy too, and always been a big influence on me.


I did an interview with WTOP Talk Radio, read the story here or listen to the story here!


New video! I did a parody of that annoying "Snuggie" commercial.
Watch "Blanket" HERE! (or HERE for YouTube)


We did it! The SuperNews season has come to an end! You can watch all 9 episodes online, here they are:

Ep. 1 "I'm Michael Jackson Mother F#@!er"
Ep. 2 "Return of the Jabba"
Ep. 3 "It's Gotta Be Swexty"
Ep. 4 "Totally Up Our Own Asses"
Ep. 5 "SuperNews! Recycles"
Ep. 6 "We've Been Tea-Bagged"
Ep. 7 "I Don't Want to Go Bowling"
Ep. 8 "Strippers? Hookers? Hair Gel?"
Ep. 9 "The End of Television"
Ep. 10 "SuperNews! Best Of Show" (not aired yet)

I've been posting a lot of behind-the-scenes content too!


Well I don't need to post every episode of SuperNews, it's on every Friday at 10pm, but you can always catch it online, any time you want! WATCH IT HERE!

I'm shooting a fun music video with Jason Nash, more on that to come! To follow its progress and see behind the scenes photos as they happen, friend me on Facebook!


Here is the second, full-length episode of SuperNews! It has one of my favorite segments featuring an army of emoticons! WATCH IT HERE! Another all-new half-hour this Friday!


If you didn't catch the all-new, half-hour SuperNews on Current TV you're in luck! The entire thing is available online! WATCH IT HERE! Tune in this Friday for another half-hour of all-new goodness!


The all-new, half-hour SuperNews premieres TODAY on Current TV! 10pm! Be sure to check it out, we've been working hard on it for many months! We poke fun at subjects in this first episode such as AIG, Twitter, Michael Phelps and MTV!

Check your local listings, you probably have Current but don't know it!


I did an interview for The Guardian, READ IT HERE!

"White Wedding: Literal" is now on YouTube.

I have finally joined Facebook. Do you want to be friends?


I posted 3 videos from an open-mic performance I did back in 2003. (I've started going through old tapes to find interesting stuff that might be worth showing)
-"Attached to You"
-"You Never Give Me Your Money"
-"The Tortilla Song"


Well you begged for more, so here is the latest "literal video"! CLICK HERE FOR "WHITE WEDDING"!


I found some old footage from 2003 when I recorded my song "Seven" so I put together this behind the scenes video. Check it out HERE! (Don't forget to click high quality!)


Ok it's FINALLY done! New video, check out "The Trash Artist" HERE or HERE for YouTube. (Just do me a favor and hit "high quality" at least, or it will look like barf.)


New article in the Tampa Tribune CHECK IT OUT!

I'm still working on the new video, though I've been out of town for a while. So I'll finish that soon!


Not a lot of news, but there is a new SuperNews episode out! In honor of Bush's final days in office, and calling back to the classic TV show Mork and Mindy, here's "George Calling Orson".

I've been working on a new video with Jason Nash but I've just been taking forever with the editing. But it'll be out soon!