So it seems that Warner Music Group and YouTube have had some sort of break-up which has caused videos with Warner content to be taken down from YouTube. A-Ha and RHCP are both Warner, which explains why "Head Over Heels" is still up. It also sheds some like on the fact that they weren't removed due to being parodies etc, but quite simply all Warner music stuff is down (which is quite a lot of bands/artists)

But the good news is that maybe once they sort things out, the videos will go live again. We'll just have to wait and see. You can always watch them here! dustfilms.com/literalvideos

Thanks for all of the emails and help especially Dylan Walker and Stacia Yeapanis!

Have a great New Year!! Lots more live-action videos to come and the premiere of the all new half-hour SuperNews season!


Bad news. "Take On Me" and "Under The Bridge" were taken down from youtube. No notice or anything. I thought parody was allowed, no?? I guess someone disagreed. (I'm sorry but you'd think A-Ha could use the free publicity)

Don't fret, you can still watch them on FunnyorDie!
-Take On Me
-Under The Bridge

Take On Me was up to 2,321,793 views.
Under The Bridge was up to 340,927.

R.I.P. But hey you can still buy the official "Pipe Wrench Fight" merchandise in my CafePress Store!


New video! Jason Nash wrote this so I shot it for him and edited it. Check out "Pop-Culture SLAMS"! (or HERE for YouTube)


Ok this is an oldie, but I've polished it up a bit. Watch the new-slightly-improved "Spin" HERE!


New video! I had tons of unused footage from "Blinklessness Disorder" because Jason Nash is a comedic genius. But there was one scene he totally made up on the spot that was pretty long and I was sad not to include it, and have always wanted to use it somehow. So I finally thought of a way...

Watch "Blinklessness Disorder: The Footage They Didn't Want You to See"! (or HERE for YouTube)