GREAT NEWS!!! The first and original literal video "Take on Me" that was banned from youtube in Dec. '08 is BACK UP!!! CHECK IT OUT!

It went down with 2.3 million views, and since then rip-off versions of it have gotten nearly 2 million themselves.

The other "literal video" that was taken down at the same time is also back up, "Under the Bridge" is back too! Watch it here!


It's here!!! Weird Al's new music video that I directed for SuperNews! Watch the video in HD here!

It aired tonight on Current TV as part of a live-action special with Al that I am also in! Watch the full special here!


New "Literal Video"! Beck's "Loser"!

And ABC News/Nightline did a segment about the videos and even came to my house for an interview! Watch it here!


I added a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures to the Jason Dakota website. (It's funny that it's a "fake" website, though it is completely real and actually put together pretty well.)

Also I added a bunch of my videos to atom.com because they said they'd feature some. We'll see. Here they are.


So I can finally announce that I had the privilege to direct the music video for Weird Al's new single "Ringtone"! He has been a hero of mine since I was little and to get to work with him and do this video has been surreal!

The SuperNews-produced video will air next Friday along with our half-hour "Collabo-Jam" live-action special that we shot with Weird Al. Be sure to tune in at 7 and 10pm PST.

I just posted some behind-the-scenes photos from the live-action shoot on the SuperNews Blog.

And you can watch the first on-air promo here!


I directed episode 2 for the "Delicious Moments" video series (adapted from the hilarious weekly stage show at the Second City Studio theater in Hollywood)

Check out "Delicious Moments: Movie Night"

And be sure to check out the stage show every tuesday night at 10 at Second City in Hollywood!


It's finally complete! The live-action music video I've been shooting (and talking about) for several months!

Watch it in HD here!

It's also on Funny or Die!

I can't say enough how funny I think Jason is how grateful I am that he has been so willing to let me put him in these wacky videos which I make purely for the love of making them! And thanks to everyone who helped pull this thing off!