New literal video is up! Watch "Under The Bridge: Literal Video Version"!

I didn't make a new costume this year, but I'll be sporting last year's Ghostbuster extravaganza! Check out the making of it HERE.


Check out this article about the Take On Me video with Rolling Stone HERE!

Also, you can now watch Head Over Heels on YouTube and Current.com


Ok the first literal video was such a huge success that part 2 is out! Check out Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version!

It will be "Today's Big Deal" tomorrow on funnyordie.com or so they tell me.


Rad, Cars vs Helicopter is "Today's Big Deal" on funnyordie.com! I almost didn't upload it there since it's not exactly funny, but I'm glad I did!


MSNBC did a great article about the Take On Me video, read it HERE! As of now the video has 577,000 views on YouTube and climbing! I've already got the next video in the can, and it will be released very soon!


Holy cow, the Take On Me video is BLOWIN' UP! I never imagined it would be so popular, in 3 days it's already up to 35,000 views and climbing very fast! It's "Today's Big Deal" on funnyordie.com and it was even featured on Attack of the Show, check it out at 3:15 HERE!

An extra big thanks to Jonah Ray for helping start the wildfire with this thing! And for being super awesome.


Check out the new video! "Take On Me: Literal Video Version"

At work we started saying how it would be funny if the lyrics of a song just sang what was literally happening in the music video. So I made one! More to come soon.