So it seems that Warner Music Group and YouTube have had some sort of break-up which has caused videos with Warner content to be taken down from YouTube. A-Ha and RHCP are both Warner, which explains why "Head Over Heels" is still up. It also sheds some like on the fact that they weren't removed due to being parodies etc, but quite simply all Warner music stuff is down (which is quite a lot of bands/artists)

But the good news is that maybe once they sort things out, the videos will go live again. We'll just have to wait and see. You can always watch them here! dustfilms.com/literalvideos

Thanks for all of the emails and help especially Dylan Walker and Stacia Yeapanis!

Have a great New Year!! Lots more live-action videos to come and the premiere of the all new half-hour SuperNews season!


Bad news. "Take On Me" and "Under The Bridge" were taken down from youtube. No notice or anything. I thought parody was allowed, no?? I guess someone disagreed. (I'm sorry but you'd think A-Ha could use the free publicity)

Don't fret, you can still watch them on FunnyorDie!
-Take On Me
-Under The Bridge

Take On Me was up to 2,321,793 views.
Under The Bridge was up to 340,927.

R.I.P. But hey you can still buy the official "Pipe Wrench Fight" merchandise in my CafePress Store!


New video! Jason Nash wrote this so I shot it for him and edited it. Check out "Pop-Culture SLAMS"! (or HERE for YouTube)


Ok this is an oldie, but I've polished it up a bit. Watch the new-slightly-improved "Spin" HERE!


New video! I had tons of unused footage from "Blinklessness Disorder" because Jason Nash is a comedic genius. But there was one scene he totally made up on the spot that was pretty long and I was sad not to include it, and have always wanted to use it somehow. So I finally thought of a way...

Watch "Blinklessness Disorder: The Footage They Didn't Want You to See"! (or HERE for YouTube)


New video! I'm so sick of those "Cash 4 Gold" commercials that play in every single commercial break at night. So sick of them that I had to do a parody.

Watch "Send UR Gold" HERE! (or HERE for YouTube)


Ok, I added the press page. Neato.


I redesigned the front page a bit and now all of the icons are along the top. Obviously. The idea is to leave those along the top of every page for easy navigation! But I'll do that some other time. And I decided to add a press page with links to all the articles that have been coming out. But I'll get to that later too. Heck I still haven't added any literal videos to the movies section!


I did an interview with the Boston Globe, you can see it in today's edition or online HERE!

"Take On Me: Literal" is currently the #1 top rated video of all time on YouTube! That's absolutely nuts!

The all new store is up with "Pipe Wrench Fight" apparel!


I was featured in the first edition of Disco Underworld, check it out! And be sure to vote for me (if you feel so inclined! Just do it.)

Also here are some more links for Under the Bridge Literal:
-Funny or Die


New literal video is up! Watch "Under The Bridge: Literal Video Version"!

I didn't make a new costume this year, but I'll be sporting last year's Ghostbuster extravaganza! Check out the making of it HERE.


Check out this article about the Take On Me video with Rolling Stone HERE!

Also, you can now watch Head Over Heels on YouTube and Current.com


Ok the first literal video was such a huge success that part 2 is out! Check out Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version!

It will be "Today's Big Deal" tomorrow on funnyordie.com or so they tell me.


Rad, Cars vs Helicopter is "Today's Big Deal" on funnyordie.com! I almost didn't upload it there since it's not exactly funny, but I'm glad I did!


MSNBC did a great article about the Take On Me video, read it HERE! As of now the video has 577,000 views on YouTube and climbing! I've already got the next video in the can, and it will be released very soon!


Holy cow, the Take On Me video is BLOWIN' UP! I never imagined it would be so popular, in 3 days it's already up to 35,000 views and climbing very fast! It's "Today's Big Deal" on funnyordie.com and it was even featured on Attack of the Show, check it out at 3:15 HERE!

An extra big thanks to Jonah Ray for helping start the wildfire with this thing! And for being super awesome.


Check out the new video! "Take On Me: Literal Video Version"

At work we started saying how it would be funny if the lyrics of a song just sang what was literally happening in the music video. So I made one! More to come soon.


The first SuperNews half-hour special is airing, and online! Featuring some fun live-action in which I play a scientist (wearing a proton pack for some reason!)

Watch "Supernews! Does The Internet"


I'm currently editing a friend's wedding video that I shot, but after that I've got a few things up my sleeves. The one I really want to do is a movie trailer for a fake action movie! Stay tuned...


My latest video is up, and I am so excited to have gotten Jason Nash to be in it! It's about a very serious condition called "Blinklessness Disorder.

Check it out: "Blinklessness Disorder"

(Also on YouTube, and Funny or Die.)

(I spent the entire last week fighting with encoding for YouTube, and no matter what I tried it always came out looking like barf. I'm really frustrated, I've tried every different type of compression and nothing works. How do other people get their silly little webcam videos to look SO good??)


Check out this behind the scenes video from the Current TV studios in Hollywood:

Behind The Scenes Tour: Current's LA Office

(That's me cleaning off my desk in the SuperNews office)


New video! "Exer-Tech 3000"

(Also watch on Funny or Die, or on YouTube or MetaCafe or even Break.com.)

So I never really explained... I made a decision a little while ago that I needed to focus on directing live-action, and stop doing animation in my free time. Directing and movie-making is what I am really passionate about and I realized that I actually have nothing (recent) to show for for it. Over the years I sort of fell back on just doing animation and that has led me to great things, but I also want to make sure I lead myself in the right direction! I get to animate all day long for SuperNews, so instead of doing more animation at home, I'm going to start doing fun little videos just for the sake of doing them. The goal is to just get my feet wet and build up somewhat of a portfolio in the live-action arena and then see what happens. My new years resolution was to MAKE IT HAPPEN! So after building a new computer editing system and getting everything I need to at least get started, this is my first actual video! I'm looking forward to making many more! (And I'm sure animation will continue to play a part in various projects in the future, but from now on it will not be my focus.)


Check out my new movie "Cars vs Helicopter"!

(Also on YouTube, Metacafe and Funny or Die.)

We were playing with these toys in the office 2 Fridays ago and I decided to bust out my little point-and-shoot still camera (that can also record video) and shoot an epic action movie! It doesn't really have a point, and it wasn't thought out at all, but it was fun to make!


Jason Nash is one funny fella. He has been doing freelance writing and voices for SuperNews for a while now and he has a podcast called "Guys With Feelings". He has been making some videos recently and I got to be in one of them! Check it out:

(UPDATE: Video no longer available)


Well, since the last time I posted, I have been fighting with my new computer to actually get it to work properly. Wouldn't you think a new computer would work? Guess not. Even the Dell technician who came to replace parts didn't know what he was talking about and I ended up figuring out how to fix the problem a few days after he told me nothing was wrong.

But I think everything is working now! I am ready to move forward! So stay tuned for some exciting new developments!


Big news in Dustball Land! I got myself a shiny new computer! I've been using the same one for like 6 or 7 years. So it's about time I stopped fighting with it's slowness and got something that can really perform. Now I am all set to really get this show on the road! It's all part of my New Year's resolution, which I'll explain... some other time.


Today the first-ever half hour SuperNews episode airs on Current TV! You can watch it online too: "Rambo Wins the War on Terror"


I spent the past week putting a lot of my animations on Metacafe. I switched everything on my MySpace page over and added stuff, CHECK IT OUT.


I finally finished my epic stop-motion animation. I animated the first 50 seconds back in 2004 before it was abandoned, but I finally finished animating it this summer and I just finished the music! Check it out: "Falling"