There is a little write-up about SuperNews in the latest issue of Star Magazine!

Also check out our Christmas epic "It's a Horrible Life"


Check out the latest SuperNews episode with the Spice Girls and David Beckham: "Becks Strikes the USA"

It's also featured on TMZ right now too.

If anyone feels up to challenging me to a Guitar Hero III duel, my gamertag is Dusto McNeato. Bring it on.


Check out my Ghostbusters Halloween costume!

See the making of it HERE!

Also don't forget to check out the latest SuperNews episodes, including the Halloween episode! "A Very Dubya Halloween"


Parody Press Comics asked me to take their comic "Hewoes" which is a parody of the show Heroes, and turn it into an animation. Check it out! "Hewoes"


I guess I'm late in posting this, but the network I work for, Current TV, won an Emmy! Hurray!


Well, thanks a bunch to the kind person or persons who maliciously clicked the ads on my site. Google suspended my account for invalid clicks I appealed the decision but for some reason Google is terrible at customer service and I had to email them and fill out the online appeal forms over and over and over, until they FINALLY got back to me, over a month later. And after you appeal once, Google waves their mighty hand and then the decision is final. They won't even provide me with any proof of why they think the clicks were invalid, or where they originated from. It doesn't seem like it would be all that hard to prove that I wasn't clicking my own ads, which is what they are accusing me of.

The little amount of money I make on those tiny, unobtrusive ads helped to offset the cost of the bandwidth from all of my music and animations. I make movies and music for fun, in my spare time. And even now that I am an animator full-time with SuperNews, I still come home and work on more animations and music because that's what I love to do. It's really sad that my account can just be stripped from me for no reason and there is not a single thing I can do about. I guess people who steal movies and random crap from the internet deserve to make tons of cash off of their giant, flashing, obnoxious ad covered pages, but a guy can't have a website that simply showcases his own stuff, gets very little traffic, and makes a few extra bucks to keep itself running.

Sorry, had to get that out.


The SuperNews team at Comic-Con 07:

And last week we partied on a boat with our boss Al Gore in San Fransisco, for Current's 2 year anniversary!


Man, I am really behind in posting this: I finished "Play the Game" and entered it into the Armor Games/Newgrounds "Rock Out" game contest. And won! It was among the top 10 games chosen by the judges. CLICK HERE to play it.

I'll be at Comic-Con this Saturday with the rest of the SuperNews team.


I know that when you work in Hollywood, it's not cool to act like you like it. But come on, how can I not get excited? Paul McCartney is playing a show for 300 people at Amoeba Records right this minute, a few blocks from the Current studio where I work... Cameron Diaz is coming into the Current studio to shoot some stuff... and tomorrow night I get to see an advance screening of Transformers because we are working on a parody of it! I'm sorry, but that's exciting!


So Paris Hilton goes to jail. How could SuperNews NOT do an episode about it? In the form of an epic Shawshank Redemption parody no less! I give you "Shawskank Redemption".


Well I've been really lazy and I never posted about the big Perez Hilton episode! Watch it HERE!

It was even featured on PerezHilton.com, haha. I guess even though we weren't very nice to Perez in the episode, he likes anything with him in it!


Happy Birthday to Steve from SuperNews!

Speaking of SuperNews, we are nominated for 2 Webby awards! For online Film & Video it is nominated in Animation for "The Immigration Debate"

And in Comedy: Long Form or Series for the entire series!
(check out that link for a 3 minute reel I cut together of the show!)
(UPDATE: reel no longer available)

And there is also a "people's voice" award which you can help! GO HERE AND VOTE for SuperNews in the first 2 categories!!!
(UPDATE: voting closed)


I changed the intro to the website last week just for the heck of it, but then decided I still didn't like it, so now it's changed again. I don't want it to be long and boring but I want something neato to happen when you load the site. I also changed the image in the "about" section. Now you know.

I have been stuck on what to do with the ending of my lip-sync-mation thing. It's turning out great but it's sort of on hold.


Check out our SuperNews, "The Office" parody. It's sort of a hybrid of both the US ans UK versions of the TV show. Watch "The (Oval) Office" HERE! (I did the music too!)

Not much else to report, but pretty soon I'll be finished with my stop-motion-lipsync experiment!


Oops, I forgot to post the last SuperNews episode, "Gates vs. Jobs".

This has been pretty popular and was the #1 viral video of last week according to www.viralvideochart.com.

So today is supposed to be the last day I'll be working on the so-called ""ultra-secret-biopharmaceutical" animation. Then I can go back to the neato stop-motion lip-sync video!

Last Friday I animated a working copy machine for an upcoming SuperNews episode. The irony nearly killed me. Art imitating life. And then as if that wasn't enough, I actually repaired the color laser-jet printer in Current's LA studio! Life imitating art imitating life.


Well, I have been working on a stop-motion animation music video to one of my old songs, "Seven". The lyrics will be entirely lipsynced! I am afraid that this project is going to be on hold for a little while... anyone recall the "ultra-secret-biopharmaceutical" animation that I did about a year ago? Didn't think so. Well they have asked me to do a follow-up animation and for some reason I agreed. (Oh yeah, money.) So the stop-motion will be on hold for a while. But here are some stills to hold you over!


New SuperNews episode, "State of the Union"!

Here's a still from a deleted scene: (UPDATE: Image no longer available)

I drew the Jim Webb caricature and put together the set. There was also another deleted scene with a caricature of a certain other important Democratic figure that I did... but I don't think I'm supposed to talk about that one, haha.


New SuperNews episode, "Revenge of the Nerds" style! I did the music for this one too! Watch "Revenge of the Democratic Nerds".

I added some new wallpapers to my DOWNLOADS section. The new ones are from "Carol of the Robots", "On Water", and an old one that I never posted from "Storybook 2: A Special Visit From Gel"


Old clay animation with a new song! "5 Busy Shapes"

I can't believe it's been 10 years, wow. André (aka "gel") and I animated this for an elementary school in 1997. There was something magical about an auditorium full of elementary school kids laughing and cheering for our movie!

This week, I re-recorded the narration and voices and composed a new song for it! (The song actually features a percussion section which includes glass bottles and forks along with slapping my knee and the back of the guitar!)


Anyone see Bush's Iraq speech? Well we whipped out this episode about it in one day! "Iraq Speech Outtakes".


Ok so not only did I re-do the way the news works internally, but I put it on the main page, something I've been contemplating for a long time. I hate to clutter the page and I liked that when you got here you just had to choose where you wanted to go right away, but maybe this will save some clicking.

I can now add pictures easily, so here's a shot from a stop-motion music video I'm working on (off and on)!

(UPDATE: The "new" news layout has been updated again in Sept '08)
(UPDATE: The news layout has been updated again in Aug '10)


Happy new year! My animation "Carol of the Robots" was voted the #1 holiday submission on Newgrounds.com! Thanks for all of the votes!

I'm thinking of revamping this news section. I thought I was all clever when I figured out how to type into a text file on my server which would automatically appear on this page... but I have to type out the code for everything like hyperlinks, even line breaks. I want to start adding photos and multimedia and the process right now is so daunting it really keeps me from wanting to post all the time (for all 3 people who are reading this, haha.) Anyway, we'll see.