This Saturday is the FIRST-EVER live performance of a "literal video" It's never been done! (At least not by me!) Should be interesting, I'll be singing the Take On Me literal video. (It could be disastrous. Come find out!)

UCB Theater in Hollywood
The LOL Show - Midnight
$5 Get a reservation here


Surprise! Another new video up. It's a hard-hitting documentary about two brothers who convert their car engine to run on a new eco-friendly fuel: urine! Watch "Urine Fuel".

I've been wanting to make this one for over a year, it's good to finally get things done.


New video up! Ok here's the deal, first you gotta watch this rad scene from this terrible 80s movie that we found online: ORIGINAL

Now brace yourself and watch our unnecessarily accurate remake of it: OUR REMAKE

I still don't know why we did it, but it was tons of fun! It stars SuperNews writers Brian Shortall and Rebecca Addelman.