K, here's the HD version of the Popchips video. Now excuse me while I eat my free Popchips.


My video placed 4th (out of 71 submissions) in the Popchips video contest! Watch the video here! I'll post an HD version on my YouTube channel soon.


Check out the new vid, for another online contest! "On The Run"

This is a a Popchips video contest, and I had to choose a synopsis to make the video about. You can view the other submissions (many, based on the same synopsis as mine) on that site and you can even vote on your predictions for who the winners will be and win some money on the predictions page!


New "literal video"! Watch "Sex and Candy" on YouTube or FunnyorDie. (I'm not sure if how long the YouTube version will stay up due to copyright problems.

This was actually the third "literal video" that I wrote back in 2008 but I didn't think it was quite as good as the others and not the same 80s vibe as those. But I finally decided what the heck and recorded it yesterday.


I decided to start my own movie review show, but instead of using actual clips from the movies, I'm recreating them all (as cheaply as possible) from scratch! Watch Episode 1 here, which takes a look at Jurassic Park as well as this Friday's new Harry Potter movie.


Last month I created 3 videos for my friend Holly's comedy show at UCB Theater in Hollywood. One of them features the most special effects I've ever attempted in a single video!

They're online now:
Intro, Holly Interviews Holly, and Holly Wins Yo Momma


WEBSITE RELAUNCH! That's right, just moments ago I flipped the switch on the all-new DustFilms website! I've been working on this off and on for several months, my hope is that it will be much easier to navigate and to find the videos and things people want to see.

The old site started as just a place to showcase my music, and then it shifted more towards animation, and then it shifted more towards live-action. And all pretty much pre-youtube era, where online video is a no-brainer. Over the years I kept adding on and modifying little by little and it became sort of cluttered and not up to the standards of a site that features video. I've tried to make it as simple as possible, I hope you like it! (The music section will be coming at a later date, if at all)


New music video parody! Ever hear that utterly retarded yet surprisingly popular song "Toot It And Boot It"? Well here's my "Tooted And Pooed It". Someone had to do it.

*UPDATE* The video is off of YouTube until further notice


Great news! My new Snuggie video was chosen as one of the 6 finalists! So now the online voting begins.

You can watch all of the videos and place your vote here!

Mine is "Snuggie Chase" at the bottom.


Not much to report at the moment, though I have been busy with a bunch of video projects! I made a short action video for a Snuggie video contest but I'm not sure if/when that will be posted online. And the "Tooted And Pooed It" music video is in the works!


New song parody! There is a ridiculous hip-hop song out called "Toot It And Boot It" so I wanted to be the first one to make the obvious parody "Tooted and Pooed It". Music video to come soon, but for now here is the song! Listen to "Tooted And Pooed It".


My "Hello Delilah" video is on the front page of FunnyorDie today!


New video! I wanted to do a good old-fashioned parody and shoot an original music video for it. I was hoping it has been long enough to make fun of that "Hey There Delilah" song again, so watch my version here!


I put together a live-action director's reel for myself. CHECK IT OUT!


Last week I filled in as an editor on the Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current. Check out the review for Toy Story 3 for some of my editing action!

(By the way I hadn't really used Final Cut before this, but I new I would could figure it out as I went along. Which I did!)


Sad news... the show I've worked on for the past 4 years, SuperNews has been canceled. It was an absolutely AMAZING experience and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to work on the show from it's humble beginnings and to see it grow into a half-hour show with a fan following. While I'm sad to see it go, I'm also looking forward to all of the opportunities to come!


New literal video! David Bowie's China Girl.



Tomorrow night some friends of mine are performing a stage show which is loosely based on a pretend sitcom format. I directed the show's video interstitial segments as well as the fake sitcom's opening title sequence!

Watch the opening sequence HERE!

You can make reservations for the show here:
UCB Theater in Hollywood $5


This Saturday is the FIRST-EVER live performance of a "literal video" It's never been done! (At least not by me!) Should be interesting, I'll be singing the Take On Me literal video. (It could be disastrous. Come find out!)

UCB Theater in Hollywood
The LOL Show - Midnight
$5 Get a reservation here


Surprise! Another new video up. It's a hard-hitting documentary about two brothers who convert their car engine to run on a new eco-friendly fuel: urine! Watch "Urine Fuel".

I've been wanting to make this one for over a year, it's good to finally get things done.


New video up! Ok here's the deal, first you gotta watch this rad scene from this terrible 80s movie that we found online: ORIGINAL

Now brace yourself and watch our unnecessarily accurate remake of it: OUR REMAKE

I still don't know why we did it, but it was tons of fun! It stars SuperNews writers Brian Shortall and Rebecca Addelman.


Thanks to Tassilo for sending me a scan of "TV Today", a German magazine that mentioned my literal videos and my site!

Next Thursday is the SuperNews season 2 finale! We've been busting our butts to get this season finished so I hope we've made you laugh!