BIG NEWS! So I can finally announce that I participated in a reality competition show called Viral Video Showdown which premiere on Syfy Oct 30! Two teams are issued a challenge to make a video and only have a few days to do it.

It was the most insane, overwhelming, fun thing I've ever done and I'm so anxious for everyone to see the show and my video, which I'm very proud of! (I'm anxious to see the show myself and hope I don't look stupid!) I don't know which episode is mine, but I'll have lots of info and things to say about it once it premiere, so stay tuned!

Watch the promo for the show!


New video up! "Dustin Plays A Giant Piano". Pretty straightforward title, pretty simple video. But I wanted to get back into putting together fun little musical things. I used to do it with animation back in the day but I haven't done much of it with video. So this is sort of a practice video.


It's been a while since I've posted a new video but the latest one is almost complete! (Plus an HD "restoration" of a classic)

I also just finished a bunch of fun animation for a documentary about YouTubers called "Please Subscribe", follow the page for updates: facebook.com/PleaseSubscribe 

I'm also directing two back to back action videos with New Antics, going to be fun!