My Homemade Man Of Steel Trailer is really taking off this weekend! Over 20k views so far and I just got posted on some very popular blogs, hurray!



New video! I recreated the "Man Of Steel" trailer shot-for-shot using only my iPhone! WATCH IT!


My episode of "Viral Video Showdown" aired and here is my completed video from the competition! "Hide And Seek"


Update on my "Viral Video Showdown" episode on Syfy: apparently the network is killing off the remaining episodes by airing them all in a block next Tuesday, Dec 4 starting at 2:30am.

So much for this being my big break and getting my channel a lot of exposure! :/

The schedule is as follows, mine is the second one "When Child’s Play Goes Awry":

2:30AM - Such a Cliché
3:00AM - When Child’s Play Goes Awry
3:30AM - Create a Superhero
4:00AM - How-To Video: The Musical
4:30AM - The Craziest Dream

Be sure to check your local listing though because on my AT&T U-Verse this  block actually starts at 11:30.


I re-released some of my "sweded" movie clips on my new channel in preparation from some new ones coming soon!

Jurassic Park
Honey I Shrunk The Kids
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

These were originally from my series "My Movie Show"


New video up! "Blind Justice" This one is a bit of a departure from my normal tone, it's a bit more gritty and violent but I had fun diving into new territory. This video was originally commissioned to promote the Original SWAT Chase boots but I still gave it my DIY flair, even putting together all the costumes myself and pushing myself with visual effects I've never before attempted.


I updated one of my favorite videos from a few years ago, "Car vs Helicopter" I went back to the original source files and re-assembled the entire thing to get the best quality, and I gave it an all new music score so that it no longer uses any copyrighted material (although as of this post, YouTube won't let the video be monetized for some reason, GRRR)


BIG NEWS! So I can finally announce that I participated in a reality competition show called Viral Video Showdown which premiere on Syfy Oct 30! Two teams are issued a challenge to make a video and only have a few days to do it.

It was the most insane, overwhelming, fun thing I've ever done and I'm so anxious for everyone to see the show and my video, which I'm very proud of! (I'm anxious to see the show myself and hope I don't look stupid!) I don't know which episode is mine, but I'll have lots of info and things to say about it once it premiere, so stay tuned!

Watch the promo for the show!


New video up! "Dustin Plays A Giant Piano". Pretty straightforward title, pretty simple video. But I wanted to get back into putting together fun little musical things. I used to do it with animation back in the day but I haven't done much of it with video. So this is sort of a practice video.


It's been a while since I've posted a new video but the latest one is almost complete! (Plus an HD "restoration" of a classic)

I also just finished a bunch of fun animation for a documentary about YouTubers called "Please Subscribe", follow the page for updates: facebook.com/PleaseSubscribe 

I'm also directing two back to back action videos with New Antics, going to be fun!


Laser video is finally up! May I present: "Laser Shades - The Ultimate Park Showdown". The VFX for this took a lot longer than I had planned, but hey you can't rush 45 effects shots!


Haven't had anything to post on the site lately, but I've been busy (some boring freelance and some fun awesomeness!) Monday I'll be releasing my latest YouTube vid, so hold tight. I'm also involved in some very cool live-action projects, but they are a ways away from me being able to talk about them. Very exciting though!

Today while I had the chance, I updated the website to go directly to the videos page, hopefully that makes it easier to watch the vids without all that annoying clicking!


The behind-the-scenes for "Invisibility Cloak" is up! Watch it here.


New video! I finally get my invisibility cloak in the mail and test it out in the neighborhood! Watch it here.


New action short! Another simple idea, taking place inside my house, this time starring me! Watch it now!

And here's the making-of!


I'm planning to release a making-of video for every video I create for the new channel (well, if there is something interesting to show!)

Here is the behind the scenes for "Making The Bed Like A Ninja"


First video for the new channel is up! "Making The Bed Like A Ninja"

I'm trying to focus on short, action awesomeness so this is a great example of some of the things to come. And they will get bigger and better over time! But hey, for $0 with the convenience of shooting in one room of my house this is actually one of my favorite videos I've made ever!


I launched a new YouTube channel! youtube.com/DustFilmsOriginals

I'm going to be focusing on more short, fun, exciting, RAD videos! I've got several in the works and I'm looking forward to producing them regularly with the hopes of becoming YouTube Partner so I can continue to make them.

Here's a little sizzle reel I put together with some of the action from my previous videos that set the mood for what is to come!


I've got a bunch of new videos in the works(and a few finished!) that I'm planning to unveil soon! I'm going to try to really step it up a notch, making more fun videos that ever before!

Also today I enlarged the images on the video pages!


I threw together a behind-the-scenes video from the "Are You Hungry" video shoot. Watch it now!

I keep forgetting to intentionally shoot more "making-of" type stuff while I'm at it, explaining the different setups and stuff. I need to start doing that! But at least we had just barely enough random footage and pictures that I could put together!


New music video that I directed for the awesome L.A. band Telstar! Watch it now!

We started shooting this in November then I had to abruptly put it on hold to shoot "My Movie Show EP02" and THEN I bought a house and moved etc. So finally, we finished it up! I've been directing a lot of comedy music videos and "pretend" type things but I was happy to branch out into conceptualizing and creating a real music video for a real band!