I forgot to post this... I did a little interview thingy on Current Exposed, talking about SuperNews and past jobs and such.

Watch it here!


I did an interview about the "literal videos" for an Australian web show. The best part is that the interviewer was able to contact me from 1997 where he got that neato background!

Watch it here (skip to 3:15)


Check out the sneak peak at the upcoming SuperNews season in our Halloween Special!

Featured on the Huffington Post!


I put together a behind-the-scenes video from "Meter".

Check it out here!


Another new video out! And this one has also been on my to-do list for over a year! Hurray for eventually getting projects done!

Watch "Meter" in HD here!

Elsewhere on the internet I am promoting this video as a "trailer for my upcoming movie". The truth is there is no movie, this is just a spoof action trailer for a fictional movie that has a stupid premise. I have a feeling no one will really find it amusing, or even get why it's supposed to be funny, but I'm ok with that. I made it purely for my own enjoyment!