We did it! The SuperNews season has come to an end! You can watch all 9 episodes online, here they are:

Ep. 1 "I'm Michael Jackson Mother F#@!er"
Ep. 2 "Return of the Jabba"
Ep. 3 "It's Gotta Be Swexty"
Ep. 4 "Totally Up Our Own Asses"
Ep. 5 "SuperNews! Recycles"
Ep. 6 "We've Been Tea-Bagged"
Ep. 7 "I Don't Want to Go Bowling"
Ep. 8 "Strippers? Hookers? Hair Gel?"
Ep. 9 "The End of Television"
Ep. 10 "SuperNews! Best Of Show" (not aired yet)

I've been posting a lot of behind-the-scenes content too!