New video! "Exer-Tech 3000"

(Also watch on Funny or Die, or on YouTube or MetaCafe or even Break.com.)

So I never really explained... I made a decision a little while ago that I needed to focus on directing live-action, and stop doing animation in my free time. Directing and movie-making is what I am really passionate about and I realized that I actually have nothing (recent) to show for for it. Over the years I sort of fell back on just doing animation and that has led me to great things, but I also want to make sure I lead myself in the right direction! I get to animate all day long for SuperNews, so instead of doing more animation at home, I'm going to start doing fun little videos just for the sake of doing them. The goal is to just get my feet wet and build up somewhat of a portfolio in the live-action arena and then see what happens. My new years resolution was to MAKE IT HAPPEN! So after building a new computer editing system and getting everything I need to at least get started, this is my first actual video! I'm looking forward to making many more! (And I'm sure animation will continue to play a part in various projects in the future, but from now on it will not be my focus.)