I decided to finally do it, I've added this news section so I can type about whatever projects I happen to be working on etc. I wonder how many people will actually read it... A HUGE thanks to André (aka "gel") for the coding help! I wonder where I should put this page... I don't want the main page to be too crowded, but who ever goes in the "other" section? We'll see.

Currently I am working on a few projects. The main one is an animation that should be done around the first of the year... I don't know if I'm supposed to say the name of the company, but it's a big, successful biopharmaceutical company that wanted an "edgy" animation to show to their employees for top secret reasons. Let's just say it's a big project, with many people involved and I'm really getting a taste for working in a corporate environment. All eyes are on me (along with 4 minutes of animation) so I hope it goes well!

In the spaces when I'm not working on that (It's been a little slow to start, waiting for script revisions, scheduling meetings, getting sign offs, etc) I've been putting together a movie with some robots performing the classic "Carol of the Bells" to come out around Christmas time! I made a cut-out doll for people to make! Get it here!

Well that's it for now, though I'll probably be babbling some more soon!